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I can take care of myself
But he’s my hero
I can cross the road myself
But he’s my hero when
He holds my hand while we cross
I can make nice tea
But he’s my hero
When he sometimes makes it
I can manage in the
Little money I have at times
But he’s my hero
When he asks me to keep some more
He’s my hero when
He corrects my grammar
And when he tells me about
Everything that I don’t
Have knowledge of
He’s my hero when he
Puts the blanket on me
And when he looks at me
While I’m asleep
He’s my hero when he says
Those three words
And when he holds me
In front of everyone
He’s my hero
Every moment
He’s my hero
Even when he says
He has to go
But after everything
I would secretly hope
That he comes back to me.

Maybe he’s is right
We should end it
I don’t trust myself
To not expect more
As future shows up
I’d still learn
To move on
Or fall in love
All over again
I’d be hopefully
A stronger person
I’d cry as much
As my heart feels like
But I’ll also work
On the best of myself
I won’t be so
Innocent with the next one
And won’t agree to be
With them till I don’t get
An assurance from our bond
I wont fall so
Hopelessly in love
I’d stop caring
If they don’t call
And maybe when they try to touch me
I’d just want to pull back
Because he has touched me so deeply
That love after all will make me strong.

i wish i could capture
every moment when you smile
that look in your eyes
so that i look at it often
when we are far
those ecstatic expression of you
i really adore
well, that way i adore whole of you
a time alone is a time
feeling bliss for we are together
lying with you, that embrace
there isn’t anything more
i could ask for.

Sometimes I feel
I’m losing a part of me
Sometimes I feel
I’m missing my feelings
I’m trying
To make more sense
Finding false and failure
In thoughts and feelings
That belong to me
Finding all sort
Of faults and defects in myself
And I’m feeling as if
I’ve been residing in the sky
All this while
Stepping back on earth
Was never so difficult!

The refrigerator is switched off
Lights inside no more wink
It sickness has filled up the dustbin
Don’t even ask about the sink!
When I open it, it has an odor
Worse than that of a dead rat
Or as if insane smells
Met each other in a combat!
Everybody who comes to see it
Claims they’ll make it alright
At every moment so much
My dear refrigerator has to fight!
This heat is anyway so monstrous
The refrigerator must be
Feeling so helpless
To no one it can ever confess!
Suddenly it had to give up
On its social life
Inside it nothing would
Ever want to reside!
So lonely and alone it is
If somebody pays it a visit
It would be only to fill up the space
That’s pretty much so useless!

I was struggling
Lost and scared
Trembling to find
My way out
Through the crowd!
She was with me too
More hurt than I was!
I wanted to talk to him
Because if he’d be there
I’d feel stronger than
My then present self.
So unbelievable
That he called
That very moment it felt
As if a strong force
Exists to inspire me,
Motivate me
To be steady and cunning
I felt connection
And I felt care
I had tears for my state
But that call did enough
To comfort me, to be a stark
And I could handle it.

Screaming in silence
Shouting like a dumb
All ears left untouched
Words as if clutched!

Hoping that words would
Rearrange themselves to
Create perhaps anagrams
So actions won’t have be arms!

To be left alone
Isn’t that dreadful
At times better than
Coming forward as awful!

Words don’t come easy
They are trembling
With fear
Taking more time
Than usual to show up
Consequences predictable
But unwanted
Opening up might
End everything
Even the little something
That feels so true and real
Every moment is a
A fantasy in its own
Its going to end
But it never has to be now
And maybe it never has to never
Although that’s close
To impossible, the words know
And feelings are running away
To abide by the agreement
Is causing the fear
Because the result
Might be an end
That someday would anyway be
But words don’t want to
Be the result
They are okay with something
Instead of nothing.

The empty book
Pretended to be
So full of words
Which tried hard
To make sense
Who was feeling sorry
To have been stuck
In a complicated situation,
The one that of oneself
Thinks very complex,
Who thinks low of simple
Which is also the
Basis of thought that
The book tried to explain
That is “empty is shallow”
But the artist said
Empty is deep
And so is space
Only by the
Thought of emptiness
He created a whole new
Universe, never existing
Or existing somewhere;
In fiction sometimes.

Thinking of how
They write poetries
Manage to talk
Of flower and of trees..
They write endlessly
As if they are
Never short of inspiration
It appears at times as if
Melancholy to them
Seems much like fun!
They twist and turn
And play and shun the words
Do they even understand
Their own creations afterwards?
Either confusing the world
Or are they confused themselves?
Spotting double entendres
Is as if spotting elves!
To infinity they write
Must they be feeling love
When the world recites?
But while so involved
In oneself are they
Even fascinated by spotlights?


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